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Updated: Jul 7

Golf Punk HQ - Review

Eleven Golf Release Award-Winning Game Improvement Irons

Eleven Hybrid Set 5-PW Hybrids have long been widely available as a replacement for hard-to-hit long irons, but Eleven Golf has taken the revolutionary step of replacing the whole iron set of irons with hybrids. ​ Eleven Golf’s inception was brought about with one goal in mind – to provide the best game improvement iron in golf.

While hybrid irons aren’t for everyone, Eleven Golf firmly believe that if your game needs improvement, and your swing speed is slipping away, these are the irons for you. They offer the benefits of having higher launch angle, higher peak height, a steeper descent with a softer landing, resulting in tangible gains in distance with added forgiveness. These award-winning clubs were recently put through their paces in Today’s Golfer’s ‘Most Forgiving Golf Irons 2023: Best for High Handicaps’ testing, and ranked number one in distance drop-off, reaffirming the forgiving nature of these clubs. Eleven produced masses of spin and height; exactly what slow speed players need to hit irons effectively. For our pro that meant it produced the shortest carry distance of our test, but that wouldn’t be the case at slower speeds. Throw into the mix the model offering up the smallest ball speed difference between on and off-centre hits, the smallest carry distance drop-off (nine yards) and hitting shots into our smallest dispersion area (184.5 square yards), and the idea warrants serious investigation if it fits your game. Simon Daddow, Today’s Golfer Equipment Editor. With these clubs now gaining traction, prominent YouTuber Peter Finch got his hand on a set and gave his thoughts.

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